The first time I  fell in love


The first time I  fell in love.


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Read Dan Coperman’s first love story.

My first crush started when I was fourteen and lasted for two years. A mate told me a girl called Rachel in our history class fancied me. She was pretty and  really smart... I got her number and we’d spend hours on the phone.

But when I told her I liked her, ( on the phone-I couldn’t handle doing it face-to-face), she brushed me off. It was awful. I spent months just sitting in my room, playing Radiohead, trying to work out what I’d done wrong. I couldn’t understand it- she’d been the one who liked me first. In the end I realised I’d probably scared her off by being too intense. I’ll be cooler next time.



I-Match the words from column A with those in column B:

     A                                        B                        

A crush:                                can’t bear

To fancy:                               to reject

To handle:                              le béguin

To brush someone off:                 to like

Awful:                                   passionate

Intense:                                 horrible



II- Relationships:

1-Who loves who?

First and foremost ( d’abord et avant tout), Dan discovered thanks to one of his friends that a girl was attracted by him. To fancy someone ( s’enticher de kelk’un). It turns out that he liked her as well so he tries his luck (tenter sa chance)

2-Where did they meet each other?

He saw her for the first time in a history class.

3-Pick out adjectives to describe the girl:

Gorgeous – plain – clever – ugly- funny

According to him/ as far sa Dan’s opinion is concerned, Rachel seems to be gorgeous and clever.


III-Getting the main facts right:

1-Put these four stages in the order they occured.

a)The girls breaks away.3

b) Dan sulks in his room. 4

c) Dan examines what happened and draws conclusion.5

d)They spend hours on the phone.2

e) Dan experiences his first crush.1


IV- Taking a closer look:

1-Find out:

a)   what he did after the girl brokeaway (to brush someone off= to dismiss= to reject

It’s obvious that he was not in a good mood. He felt betrayed by her behaviour so he is in a sulk/has (afit of) the sulks.

b)   how he felt:

We can easily/ without any difficulties imagine that he was not feeling good. Although he didn’t go out with her, he was totally depressed because it was his first love story.

c)   what explanation he gives for her breaking away

He realized that even though she must have liked him, he had been too intense (passionate) about their relationship and she got scared.

d)   what resolution he takes for the future

He made a decision. He will behave differently next time. He will not unveil his feelings as he did before.


2-Why is it difficult for Dan to understand the situation? Trustworthy-digne de confiance

He may have been very confused because  at first, she was supposed to be the one who has been fond of him. He may have never asked for her phone number if he had not known about her feelings.

Her behaviour= unreliable (fiable), untrustworthy She is always changing her mind!




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